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framemory Kodi
framemory Kodi
  framemory Kodi Easy Control & Play. Right on the button.  

As we tried normal digital photo keychains or digital frames e.g, Tao, Coby, which just have simple photo slideshow only, further more, the short (2-3 hours) battery life is also headache. Now things changed, you can own a new, colorful, hold-and-go, with buttons, games, calendar function and 36 hours standby battery life, we call it digital frame 2.0 – Kodi. Press ENTER key for 3 seconds to switch the power switch in the standby mode then press ENTER to enter the menu mode, through the fuselage on the left button UP, DOWN select the menu, but also can control the play up and down photo preview.



framemory Kodi  
framemory Kodi
  Energy Efficiency.UP to 36 Hours    
Compare other device's 2-3 hours battery life, Kodi includes a highly efficient power management IC Framemory F209X and built-in 3.7 volt 150mAh lithium-ion battery, up to 36 hours standby time.
  Shaking Games. Shake it, Game Start, Wonderful!  



Pre-load interesting games (More games selectable to download).
New game play design, So easy to shake it and enjoy it.
  LED Flash and Voice
Shake device to play game, and the LED lights will flash around and game voice arises.
  Download more game now.
  Software interface.Easy to use  



The computer will automatically run the photo
load program, you can easily store up to 50 pieces of favorable pictures to Kodi step by step.
  Picture Slide Show, Time & Calendar  




More than a digital photo frame with slide show, time and calendar functions. Kodi is great little gadgets for showing off your pets or family or remembering loved ones. They make fabulous gifts for parents, grandparents and anyone special in your life.

  Colorful Gifts. For Children,Lovers, Mother, Colleagues, Friends...  
  Children   Lovers   Mother   Colleagues   Friends  
  Kodi Retail Package. GiftBox and Accessories  

User Manual

USB Cable

  Kodi Specifications  
Model N-KD015
Screen size 1.44 inch
Color Red,  Green,  Pink ,  Coffee,  Gold
Screen Resolution 128×128px
Screen Format JPEG,BMP,GIF
Interface USB2.0
Built-in Memory 2M flash
Save the maximum
number of pictures
50 pictures
Power 3.7V
Operating System Support Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista
Compatibility mode With USB interface standard
Dimensions (mm) 60X60X17.5MM
Weight 35.5g
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